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About us

Roghi Edilizia has been active since 1995 in the field of civil, industrial and commercial construction, and specialises in quality renovation work.

Our hallmark is the high standard of our work

Roghi Edilizia is a partnership enterprise managed by two brothers, Gianni and Stefano Roghi, both highly experienced in the construction field. They founded the business in 1995, specialising in routine and emergency maintenance, stabilisation, restoration and renovation, and have since guided the company along a path of steady growth and development, resulting in the establishment of Roghi srl.

Our field of operation involves the renovation and restoration of buildings, as well as maintenance and construction work, and includes management of all the services required to complete the project. We are also involved in the construction of new homes for the residential sector, as well as the renovation, restoration, refurbishment and maintenance of buildings in general. We guarantee high standards with regard to the quality and safety of our work, using specialist technicians and ensuring the project is completed properly and on time.

Our business is based on innovation, on-going development and the fulfilment of our clients' specific requests. These values help us to carry out both simple and highly complex work with all the necessary effort and commitment. Our team is composed of highly skilled and qualified workers, as well as the two founders of the business. We focus considerable attention on training our personnel, so as to ensure that the performance and value of our business is constantly improving, and to keep up with all the latest safety and environmental standards, prevent accidents, and minimise risks to health and safety.

We operate in the civil and industrial building sector, working for clients of every type and official status. We specialise in providing "turnkey" solutions, which involve carrying out every aspect of the commission, using expert personnel and specialist equipment fully compliant with current regulations.

We keep a large fleet of vehicles and a considerable stock of equipment, enabling us to complete every project fully independently.

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